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newborn photography: studio vs. lifestyle?

Studio vs Lifestyle. Which one is for you?

Let’s talk about at home lifestyle newborn photography or studio newborn photography.  Both have their pros and cons, and it is completely up to you which one fits your needs and desires.  But, if you don’t really know the difference between the two, how are you going to decide?  Hopefully this post will help you out with that!

studio newborn photography

Studio Sessions

Studio sessions will take place in my studio on the Collierville, TN square.  Studio sessions are the perfect choice when you want the focus to be more on that sweet little baby of yours.  The whole day will be about him and doing what makes him comfortable.  (And that is why newborn sessions can last up to 3 hours!  Those little ones run the show!) These typically take place within the first 2 weeks of birth.  The focus for this type of session is on a posed and sleeping baby, usually wearing nothing at all or all swaddled in wraps, hats, and/or headbands. I have lots of options.

You can grab a spot on the couch and take a break, or even a nap!, while I work with you little one.  Of course we will still get portraits with mom and dad as well as any siblings and family members.  I do allow pets in the studio on occasion, but that is on a per case basis, so if that is something you are interested in, please get in touch and let me know!


Combo Sessions

Now offering Combo Sessions! These are perfect for families with multiple kids. Combining a family session with a newborn session, you get the best of both worlds. We will start out outside on the square with a quick family session and then walk over to my studio and finish up with a mini newborn session. This way you get ones of the full family, but don’t miss out on the sweet details of the newest member when they are only days old.

lifestyle newborn photography


In home sessions are also referred to as lifestyle sessions by many photographers.  Lifestyle newborn photography sessions are typically very unposed and focus on the relationship between family members rather than getting everyone looking and smiling at the camera. This type of session tends to be better for larger families, you can include the siblings, but they can go off and play and be in their own domain after we get the sibling shots.

When I photograph a newborn session in your home, I heavily focus on the relationship between the parents, siblings, and pets.  I will travel to your home to photograph your session. As soon as I arrive I dive in to capturing the full story that is your life with your sweet little one! Everything from rocking baby in the nursery, feeding your sweet little one, snuggling in bed, changing clothes and curling up with your swaddled baby with your family on the couch – I am there to tell your story in the most beautiful way. We will take photos all over your home, including your family room, nursery, and master bedroom.

Having your photo session take place in your home provides a level of intimacy and a personal touch to your lifesytle images that might be missing from your studio session.  Imagine having images of baby in her own nursery or snuggling with Mama in their favourite chair.  Documenting beloved books, toys and that surely wonderful wardrobe some babies acquire before they are even here?!  These small details make your newborn’s photos even more special for years to come!

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